Babica gre na jug - 1991 (cel film)  from Karel Matějka

Babica gre na jug - 1991 (cel film) from Karel Matějka

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Babica gre na jug is the first Slovenian movie after Slovenia split from Yugoslavia in june 1991 and became an independent country. (IMDb)An 86 years old grandma escapes from the institution where her daughter places her telling her what she needs and how her social needs will be met there. The grandma escapes from the control of her daughter and the prison of her systemic illness. On her way to Portorož a seaside resort on the Slovenian coast she meets other escapists : a young man and a young woman also under social pressure. They build an emotional tie... they discover each other at the edge of society governed by generations in the middle. (Facebook) Comments:
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