Noz (Knife) Serbian antiwar movie with english subtitles  from Steven Debro

Noz (Knife) Serbian antiwar movie with english subtitles from Steven Debro

Year: 2018
Authors: Steven Debro
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 Noz domaći film 1999. Nisam mogao da nadjem ovaj film sa Engleskim prevodom, a znam da bi znacilo da ga imamo da mozemo podeliti sa drugima kada nas pitaju sto su izbijala sva ona sranja po drzavi.Knife is a Yugoslav film by Miroslav Lekic recorded in 1999. The script was written by Miroslav Lekic, Slobodan Stojanović Igor Bojovic and based on the novel by Vuk Draskovic. In the lead roles are Zarko Lausevic and Bojana Maljević. The film highlights the absurdity of ethnic divisions and ethnic disputes condemning the violence.This is an epic story, where the fate of the characters is linked with the fate of the nation and talks of the evil that is repeated like a curse through the centuries. In search of his roots, the main hero of the film reveals something much deeper and more subtle than his own past. Through the search for its own identity he dives into the closed circle of evil. The film is a romantic thriller with elements of epic, and hero's love is crucial potential that shows us that above all the sense of evil there is a deeper and more powerful feeling.The main thread of the film follows the life of Elijah Jugovića / Alija Osmanovic, while secondary story follows events from the life of Atif-aga Tanovic.Events begin at a village near Gacko during World War II. Jugović family (Orthodox) and Osmanović family (Muslims) are neighbors and godfathers to each other, fighting over the border between their properties. Hodza Vehbija is aware that Osmanovićs come from Jugovics, but on his insistence Osmanovićs, on Orthodox Christmas 1942., armed raid the home of Jugovic. There they commit horrific slaughter of entire familiy that had gathered to celebrate their holiday, but spare small Ilija, unbaptized newborn baby. They carry him to their village (Osmanovic) and give it Rabija, whose husband died that night in a raid on Jugovic. Their intention is to raise Ilija and make him a Muslim will to hate and kill Serbs.However, in the autumn Chetniks (Serbian paramilitary) raid Osmanovics and massacre the Muslims, but Rabija manages to hide in the attic of the house with young Ilija, and the Chetniks take away her real son, believing that this is a Serbian child that are Osmanovići took from Jugovic.Little Ilija survives the war and grows up as Alija Osmanovic with his adoptive mother Rabija, believing she was his real mother, and that the Chetniks took his brother. Alija later moved to Sarajevo to study, but the fate of his unborn brother catches up and he decides to find him. During one visit to Osmanovic village heaccidentally meets rural Khoja, a mysterious man known as "Sikter" Effendi. Since it Alija, ie. Ilija learns the terrible truth about his origins and the truth begins to be revealed. Comments:
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